Dock Edging

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Dock edging is a protective feature applied along the perimeters of docks, piers, or seawalls to shield them from potential damage resulting from boat contact or other marine activities. Constructed from robust materials like rubber or PVC, dock edging acts as a resilient barrier, effectively absorbing impact forces and mitigating the risk of scratches, dents, or more severe structural harm. The primary purpose of dock edging is to enhance safety for both boats and the dock structure. By creating a protective layer, it minimizes the potential for damage during docking, mooring, or general marine operations. Dock edging is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas or locations with varying water conditions. Available in diverse styles, such as straight profiles or corner guards, dock edging provides versatile solutions that can be tailored to different docking configurations and requirements. This ensures a comprehensive approach to safeguarding both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of waterfront installations.