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Aqua Towel
$5.65 - $67.76
Airhead’s Aqua Towels are designed to get you dry in a flash. These quick-dry towels are made from specialty PVA fabric, which features open-cell material that absorbs water faster than ordinary towels. Our Aqua Dry Towel is super-absorbent, especially when it comes to drying wet skin. They also offer a cooling element that soothes and refreshes on hot days. Unlike ordinary bath towels, which need to hang for long periods of time to dry, Aqua Towels come in a dedicated plastic container for easy cleanup. It comes in four trendy colors—teal, rose, yellow, and blue—so there’s something for everyone. Whether you keep a bunch on board to dry off the boat, or pack them up for long lake-days, Aqua Towels are the best way to get rid of moisture fast. Features Extra absorbent Stores wet to prevent from drying out Includes plastic tube for storage Multiple uses: Use as a cooling towel or to quickly dry off your car or boat