60 Quart Floating Cooler

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60 Quart Floating Cooler

The 60 Quart Floating Cooler keeps your refreshments cool at the lake or the pool. Enjoy them without leaving the water. Made from molded PVC comfort grip handles. Features reinforced grommet. Color-coded cup holders. Includes heat-sealed seams. Uses PVC blatter and safety valves. Full circumference zippered lid. 34 in. diameter. 60-quart capacity.

Take your party to the water with this large capacity FLOATING COOLER filled with your favorite beverages! Featuring 4 molded cup holders, an easy-access zippered lid, molded handle for transporting, & a grommet for easy tie-offs. Constructed of heavy-duty K80 PVC & equipped with Safety Valves for fast & easy inflation. Relax with the drink of your choice as you float along the water with a FLOATING COOLER trailing behind you!

Product Overview

  • Molded PVC comfort grip handles
  • Includes PVC bladder
  • Heat-sealed seams
  • Features reinforced grommet & safety valves
  • Color-coded cup holders
  • Full circumference zippered lid



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