Boat Fender Lock Set

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Boat Fender Lock Set

The Boat Fender Lock Set includes the mounting lock bracket and lock peg. The bracket is made from stainless steel. The peg is made from nylon. Fits boat fenders 1/2 in. in diameter. Accepts 1/4 in. rope. You can loop the smaller rope through them and then use a larger rope on your fender.

The peg slides into a fender lock. It’s the lock that is attached to the boat – not the peg. The peg holds the rope which is attached to the fender. The peg is 1/2 in. in diameter. Fits into stainless steel fitting which screws onto the boat railing.

Mounting screws included.

Product Overview

  • Stainless steel bracket & nylon peg
  • Fits older and other companies lock brackets
  • Fits rope size 1/4 in. in diameter
  • Mounting screws included


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