Cable Diameter Gauge - GA-4

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Cable Diameter Gauge – GA-4

The Cable Diameter Gauge – GA-4 helps quickly determine the diameter of any cable (up to and including 3/8 in. or 10 mm) this simple gauge does the trick. Merely slip it over a cable and when the cable fits snugly in the “V” slot, note the diameter printed on the gauge. One side reads in fractions of an inch, the other side in millimeters. Made by Loos & Co.

Very inexpensive insurance to eliminate using the wrong size cable. Order several for all your workmen.

Easily carried in pocket or wallet. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

These gauges make ideal “give away” items for advertising purposes. We will supply them in quantity at a very inexpensive cost, in your colors, and with your message. Write for details.

Product Overview

  • Easily carried in pocket or wallet
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant
  • Up to and including 3/8 in. or 10 mm