Chariot Warbird 3

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Chariot Warbird 3

Prepare for the most advanced action towables in history with the new Chariot Warbird 2. Their wide wingspans allow you to challenge even the toughest wake while remaining some of the most stable rides on the water as their high backrests and multiple handles keep you in place. With a simple switch of the innovative dual tow points, the CHARIOT WARBIRDS can be towed in the opposite direction, transforming them into a completely different ride. No matter if you are in the mood for action or relaxation, the warbirds have it all!

Measures 82 in. x 92 in. 3 Rider max capacity. Dual tow points. Front and back tow points for multiple riding positions. Made from heavy-gauge PVC bladders. High back recumbent seating. Kwik-connect tow system. Full nylon cover. Double webbing foam handles. Features EVA foam knee and knuckle guards. Includes speed safety valve for inflation and deflation. Self-bailing drain vents. 510 lb. Max weight capacity.


Cover Material: Nylon
Graphic: Highly Visible
Dimensions: 82 in. x 118 in.
Max Capacity: 3 Riders
Tube Style: Dual Tow Points
Tow Point Location: Front & Back
Riding Positions: Multiple
Material: Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladders
Connection System: Kwik-Connect
Towable Design: Wide Wing Span
Design Reason: Tight Turns & Stability
Handle Type: Double Webbing Foam
Handle Material: EVA Foam (Knee & Knuckle Guards)
Drain Vents: Self Bailing
Max Weight Capacity: 510 lbs. (231 KG)
Manufacturer: Airhead

Product Overview

  • 3 ride max capacity
  • 510 lbs. (231 kg) max weight capacity
  • Features dual tow points for multiple positions
  • Wide wingspan for tight terms and stability
  • Double webbing foam knee and knuckle guards
  • Includes self-bailing drain vents


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