Felco C12 Cable Cutter

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Felco C12 Cable Cutter

The Felco C12 Cable Cutter is designed specifically for cutting 7 x 19 aircraft cable. Unlike bolt cutters, the Felco blade easily slices through the cable for a clean, undamaged cut every time. BH-USA purchased Felco C-12 cutters for their cutting tables over five years ago and still uses those same cutters today. These cutters should be in every professional installer’s tool kit! Wire Rope Cutter, FELCO type C-12 weighs just 4 pounds and has red rubber grip handles for easy, non-slip metal wire cutting.

High-strength Blades

Hardened and tempered blades for cutting the strongest of cables.

Triangular cutting action

FELCO’s innovative triangular cut allows you to progressively cut cable wires and at the same time avoid the squashing of strands. Thanks to this feature, it is generally not necessary to tie the cable before the cut.

Cam-assisted action

The cam-assisted action greatly reduces the effort required to cut through the cable.

Forged Aluminum handles

Lightweight, strong, and sturdy thanks to special aluminum alloys and advanced precision forging methods.

Product Overview

  • Easy cut up to 3/8 in. cable
  • Sharp blade cuts do not crush
  • Large handles for great leverage
  • Used in the BH-USA cable shop for over 14 years