Galaxy Lifts Waterproof Remote

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Galaxy Lifts Waterproof Remote

The Galaxy Lifts Waterproof Remote is an additional remote for your Galaxy Lift system. Only for use with Galaxy Boat Lift Controls. Comes with up and down buttons. Black plastic casing with turquoise trim. Features rubber buttons and a key chain. Water-resistant remote.  ETL listed. Small, compact, and used for boat lifts. Backed with a 1-year manufacturers’ warranty.

The only 3 stop remote control box on the market.

Our Quality Wireless Boat Lift Controllers are small, compact, available for single or dual-motor systems, in 110 or 220-volt configurations, and can be used in a variety of applications.

Waterproof Remote

Have you ever jumped into the water and realized your phone was in your pocket…we have! While we recommend keeping your remotes as dry as possible, they have been engineered to withstand most accidental submersions!

ETL Listed

The ETL Mark is the fastest-growing safety certification in North America. Proof that our boat lift controller has been independently tested and complies with North American safety standards.

Made in the USA

Our Boat and PWC lift control systems are designed and assembled in the USA.


The Galaxy Boat Lift Control System brings your boat lift into the 21st century by replacing a traditional manually controlled switch. No longer do you have to have someone jump from the boat to the dock risking injury or accident just to lower your lift for loading.


No need for a high voltage pendant to dangle above your boat slip putting you at risk of electric shock! Simply hold the button on your remote and watch your lift move!


For the typical boat lift, the installation is very straightforward using color-coded wiring diagrams and step-by-step instructions. It usually takes about an hour to two hours depending on how you are mounting the box and if you need to reconfigure your motor’s wiring. In the event, you need help our knowledgeable technical support staff is ready to assist you!


Buy with confidence. Our Wireless Remote Control Systems are backed with a one-year manufacturers’ warranty.

Product Overview

  • Replacement transmitter for Galaxy Lifts
  • 2-button programmable remote
  • Features a keychain opening on one side
  • Black casing with yellow buttons