HG250 Underwater Fishing Light

$ 79.95
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HG250 Underwater Fishing Light

This is a new model replacing our older 12 in. light. It is Made in the US and produces twice the light output for the same price!

The HG250 is our shortest underwater fishing light. It is 12 inches long and made to be deployed right off the side of the boat. It features 162 high output LEDs, a 20 ft. cord, less than one amp draw, and is virtually unbreakable. This model is perfect for shallow water fishing, smaller boats, and even great for use on kayaks. Its small size makes it easy to store away and transport. The HG250 is perfect for speckled trout, reds, crappie, ice fishing, and shrimping.

Product Overview

  • 12 in. long submersible light
  • 162 high-out LEDs w/ 20 ft. control cable cord
  • Shortest underwater fishing light
  • Easy storage due to its small size


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