Motion Sensor Overhead Light

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SKU: TM46300

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Motion Sensor Overhead Light

The Motion Sensor Overhead Light turns on automatically at sunset. The light is constantly on at dim light (15LM) then brightens (135LM) when it senses motion. Includes LED lights. Motions within range trigger the light. Solar power recharges its batteries.

  • User-replaceable lithium 18650 battery
  • 6-5/8in L x 4-3/8in W x 2-1/8in T (at tallest pt.)
Product Overview

  • Overhead light illuminates to keep your dock or boat deck visible at night
  • Automatically sets light to a dim glow when it's dark
  • Motion sensor brightens the light when movement is detected
  • Solar-powered cell charges with sunlight throughout the day
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Replaceable lithium battery included


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