Oil-Free D-Icer Zinc Anode

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Oil-Free D-Icer Zinc Anode

The Oil-Free D-Icer Zinc Anode is a replacement part for the Taylor Made Oil-Free D-Icer.

Taylor Made Oil-Free D-Icer

The Taylor Made Oil-Free D-IcerTM’s oil-free design is more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than the competitor’s oil-filled units. The high-efficiency, oilless motor runs at higher RPMs which moves more water faster. It also runs cooler and uses fewer watts. Avoid those unexpected and costly dock repairs by making the smart choice.

  • NEW oil-free design – no chance of oil leaks polluting our environment
  • Vortex shroud design reduces damage from debris and directs flow for improved ice elimination
  • One-piece plastic design for easy maintenance and corrosion protection
  • D-Icer can be converted to an aerator or fountain
  • Up to 50% more energy-efficient than oil-filled brands – costs less to operate
  • Molded glass-filled nylon shroud – guides water flow, protects fish
  • Dual internal seals and double lip shaft seal – keep water and dirt out for long life
  • Stainless steel motor shaft and motor housing – eliminates corrosion
  • High-efficiency motor and high-performance propeller – give the most flow for your energy dollar
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Continuous duty 115v or 230v single-phase motors – can run non-stop for years without maintenance and are rugged enough for fish farming
  • Standard 50′ or 100′ field-replaceable power cords – get you to the middle of the slip without modification
  • Designed for the harsh saltwater environment with renewable zinc anode for corrosion protection – thrives in salt or mineral-filled water
Product Overview

  • Replacement part for Taylor Made D-Icer
  • Easy to install with one person
  • Designed to withstand harsh saltwater environment


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