1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut

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1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut

The 1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut is a versatile and reliable fastener designed to secure 1/2 in. axle sleeve bolts. It is specifically designed to fit all BH-USA GR5 bolts, providing a secure and durable fastening solution.

One of the key features of the 1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut is its zinc coating. The zinc plating process involves the electrodeposition of a thin coating of zinc metal onto the surface of the nut. This coating serves as a protective barrier against corrosion, helping to prolong the lifespan of the nut and the components it secures. The zinc plating enhances the nut’s resistance to rust and other forms of corrosion, making it suitable for use in various environments, including outdoor and marine applications.

The 1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut features a thread count of 13, ensuring a secure and tight fit when used with compatible bolts. The nylon collar, also known as a nylon insert, is a key characteristic of a nyloc nut. The nylon insert provides additional friction on the screw thread, creating a locking mechanism that helps prevent the nut from loosening over time due to vibrations or other external forces. This locking feature adds an extra level of reliability and stability to the fastening assembly.

Constructed from iron, the 1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut offers strength and durability. It is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of various applications, providing long-lasting performance and dependable fastening capabilities.

With a weight of 0.1 lbs, the 1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut is lightweight, yet robust enough to handle the task at hand. It is a compact and practical component that can be easily installed and secured in place.

In summary, the 1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Nyloc Nut is an essential and reliable fastener designed to fit 1/2 in. axle sleeve bolts, particularly compatible with BH-USA GR5 bolts. With its zinc coating, thread count of 13, nylon insert lock mechanism, and durable iron construction, it offers secure and long-lasting fastening capabilities. Whether used in marine, outdoor, or general applications, this nyloc nut provides a dependable solution for maintaining strong and secure connections.


Fastener Type: Nyloc nut Material: Iron
Finish: Zinc plating Thread Count: 13
Weight: .1 lbs. SKU #: 33890
UPC #: 013964338904

Product Overview

  • Zinc-plated process
  • 13 thread count
  • Fits all BH-USA 1/2 in. GR5 bolts
  • Grips around the bolt to hinder the nut from loosening