Ordering & Shipping


BH-USA Online Account

Ordering online is the safest and most reliable method to ensure that your order is correct and received by BH-USA. BH-USA customers have access to a login, which allows them to order directly from BH-USA. It is highly recommended that all customers use their online account when placing any and all orders. In addition to ensuring order accuracy, customers can see their total cost, estimated delivery date, billing invoices, past orders and more.

Should you have any questions or issues regarding a login to your personal account, please contact BH-USA directly.

Purchase Order Emails

To place a Purchase Order with BH-USA, you can send it via email directly to customer service. The Purchase Order should include the item number and current price to ensure proper processing. Please note that incomplete Purchase Orders will not be fulfilled by BH-USA.

It is important to be aware that BH-USA will not be held responsible for any missed purchases sent via email. To ensure your order is received in a timely manner, it is the customer's responsibility to contact BH-USA and confirm that the Purchase Order was received.

Please be aware that BH-USA cannot expedite the ordering process in rare cases where they fail to notice the Purchase Order request. As a fulfillment center, BH-USA operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and orders are fulfilled in the order they are received. "Skipping ahead" in the queue is not possible.

Verbal Ordering

Our customer service department accepts verbal orders between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

To place a verbal order, make sure you have the part number ready. Unfortunately, we cannot process orders without part numbers, so please have that information on hand. We recommend using our website www.bh-usa.com, where you can find the necessary part numbers or place your order directly online.

We will do our best to process your order promptly, but please keep in mind that verbal orders come with some risks. BH-USA will not be held responsible for any mistakes that might occur due to verbal orders. Any additional shipping or handling charges resulting from errors will be the responsibility of the customer.

When you place an order, we'll send you a confirmation email. It's essential to check this email right away to ensure everything is correct. If you spot any discrepancies, please contact us directly, and we'll assist you with the necessary adjustments. Please note that if an order has already been fulfilled and shipped before you inform us of any inaccuracies, we won't be able to intervene.

Dynamic Pricing

Please be aware that BH-USA's pricing is subject to change without prior notice, as it is dynamic in nature. The price of the item at the time of purchase will be considered the current price, and any quotes or estimates provided by BH-USA will not be honored.



Both ground and freight orders will be shipped by BH-USA's preferred shippers. BH-USA cannot honor shipper requests and cannot allow third parties to pick up packages. The ground delivery of orders will be made without signature, in which BH-USA cannot be responsible for damaged or missing items that show to have been received. Tracking shows that your items have been delivered, but you are unable to locate them, please check with neighbors first, then contact the carrier directly. Order tracking information is sent via email and posted on your account under your order information when BH-USA ships an order.

Note: Carrier delivery may continue until 10 pm in some cases.

In the event that your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you are unable to locate it:

  • Check the shipping address in Your Orders.
  • Check for a delivery attempt notice.
  • Check your package's delivery location.
  • Check if another person accepted the delivery, unless there are health or safety concerns.

Check your mailbox or other places where you receive mail. Packages may travel via multiple carriers.

  • Allow 48 hours for the process to complete. Up to 48 hours may elapse before packages arrive in rare cases.
  • If you have not received your package, please contact us within 60 days of the expected delivery date. Our team will do everything we can to help.

Ground Orders

BH-USA has a streamlined shipping process for non-freight orders using UPS as their exclusive carrier. Customers have the option to choose between regular ground and expedited services to meet their delivery needs. The company aims to minimize shipping costs for customers by packaging items in the smallest possible packages. However, it's important to note that ground orders do not require signatures upon delivery, making BH-USA not liable for any damaged or missing items that are marked as received by UPS.

In the event of a missing package, customers are advised to thoroughly check various locations to locate it after UPS has marked it as delivered. BH-USA operates its shipping operations on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Any orders placed or not marked as "preparing to ship" by 3:00 PM will be processed for shipment on the following business day. By following these shipping guidelines, BH-USA aims to provide efficient and cost-effective shipping services to its customers.

Delivery Dates

BH-USA provides estimated delivery dates for each product on its product pages. However, please be aware that the estimated delivery date may be subject to change at the time of order due to factors such as products in carts, shipping times, processing times, and stock levels.

The estimated delivery date displayed on your order confirmation will represent the actual delivery date. Nevertheless, it's important to note that estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed.

The "Fastest delivery" option represents the best-case scenario for processing the item. Products marked as "in stock" are available for purchase and are expected to arrive on or before the specified delivery date. However, delivery times can vary depending on factors like the popularity of the product, the manufacturing or assembly process, and the availability of raw materials and labor.

Please keep in mind that there may be circumstances beyond our control that could affect the delivery date, such as weather, natural disasters, freight delays, or other unforeseen events. In such cases, the delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

If there are any delays with a product, our customer service representative will promptly email you an updated delivery date. We strive to keep you informed and provide the best service possible.

Return Policy

You can return non-special order items within 60 days of the date of shipment from BH-USA. For easy returns to BH-USA, please visit www.bh-usa.com or initiate a return through your online account order history. You can only return items purchased directly from BH-USA, if you purchased from a 3rd party dealer, you will need to contact them. BH-USA does not obligate or require third-party dealers to follow its return policy. Returns are not permitted on Special Order items. Freight returns must be paid for and arranged by the customer.

Incorrect Orders & Mistakes

Should BH-USA ship the wrong item or the wrong amount, we will correct the issue and ship the correct item as soon as possible, following standard shipping procedures. Claims for shortages or unseen damages must be made within two weeks of delivery. BH-USA will not ship these items overnight, next day air, second day air, or priority. In the event of missed shipments or missing items, BH-USA is not responsible for labor or time lost.

Freight Ordering

The customer bears the sole responsibility for unloading all freight orders; freight carriers will not perform this task on their behalf. For smooth logistics, it is advisable to ship freight exclusively to commercial addresses equipped with a forklift. In cases where delivery is to a residential address, the customer must ensure suitable access for the carrier's truck and have the necessary equipment and assistance available for unloading.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the return of the order to BH-USA. In such instances, the purchaser will receive a credit, with all freight costs, return costs, and a restocking fee of up to 20% deducted. Various factors like gated communities, restrictions on large trucks, inaccessible roads, out-of-town homeowners, or any other issues may impede the delivery of freight. BH-USA holds no liability for such delivery-related matters.

Should there be any special requests regarding freight, customers must communicate directly with the carrier, as BH-USA will not handle these requests.

Receiving Freight Orders

When the delivery ticket is signed as received, ownership of the shipment is transferred from BH-USA to the consignee.

Verify that your delivery has been completed and that there is no visible damage before you sign the delivery ticket. On the delivery ticket, note any missing or damaged items. It is recommended that you have the delivery driver note any damage they see as well. BH-USA recommends refusing shipments with excessive damage. If you receive a shipment that is damaged, unwanted, or incorrect, you are not required to sign and receive it.

It is considered a complete delivery if the shipment is delivered and signed clear with no damage noted. BH-USA will consider this shipment as complete with no damage or issues.

BH-USA ships all freight orders in either black or blue packaging. If your order arrives with any other color of wrapping, please confirm every item is received and note the discrepancy on your delivery ticket.

Before verifying items are not missing, BH-USA highly recommends taking a picture of all damaged freight.

Filing a Claim

In case of a claim, BH-USA will handle it for you. Any issues with the delivery must be reported to BH-USA as soon as possible after receiving the shipment. It is not the responsibility of BH-USA to replace any items lost in transit but signed as received by the customer. BH-USA will send a replacement item once the shipping carrier approves the claim.

We will do everything possible to make the claim process as smooth and easy as possible for you.

Warranty Policy

At BH-USA, we do not offer warranties, whether express or implied, for any merchandise purchased, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We assume no liability for damages resulting from product use or inability to use as intended. Our liability is limited to BH-USA's return policy, and we exclude claims for consequential, incidental, or special damages due to defects. If you need to claim a warranty issue, visit our Simple Returns page, but be aware that we won't cover shipping charges. Tampering with labels voids all warranties. Certain products like wire rope/cable, shackles, wire rope clamps, and fasteners are not covered under any warranties, and we are not liable for damages resulting from their breaking or failure. Our liability is strictly limited to the actual amount paid by the customer for the merchandise, with no refunds exceeding this amount.