Boat Lifts

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A boat lift, also known as a boat hoist or boat elevator, is a mechanical device used to lift boats out of the water for storage, maintenance, or protection. Boat lifts are commonly found in marinas, waterfront properties, and boatyards. The primary purpose of a boat lift is to raise a boat above the water level, providing several benefits: Storage: By lifting the boat out of the water, a boat lift allows owners to store their boats above the waterline, protecting them from the effects of long-term immersion. This helps prevent issues such as osmosis, corrosion, and fouling caused by extended contact with water. Maintenance: Boat lifts make it easier to access different parts of the boat for maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. By elevating the boat, owners can work on the hull, propellers, and other components without having to haul the boat onto dry land. Protection: Keeping a boat on a lift provides protection against inclement weather, strong currents, and waves. It reduces the risk of damage caused by collisions with other boats, floating debris, or submerged obstacles. Boat lifts come in various types and configurations to accommodate different boat sizes, weights, and waterfront conditions. Some common types include: Cradle Lifts: These lifts use a cradle or sling system to support the boat. The boat is lifted out of the water using cables or hydraulic systems. Elevator Lifts: These lifts feature platforms that raise and lower the boat vertically. They are suitable for boats with flat bottoms or shallow draft vessels. Floating Lifts: These lifts use a floating platform or pontoon system to raise and lower the boat. They are ideal for areas with fluctuating water levels or where a fixed lift is not feasible. Boat lifts are typically operated using electric motors, manual winches, or hydraulic systems. The choice of lift depends on factors such as boat size, weight, water depth, and the specific needs of the boat owner. Overall, boat lifts provide a convenient and efficient solution for boat storage, maintenance, and protection, extending the lifespan of the vessel and enhancing its overall condition. A Coastal Series overhead boat lift is built inside a boathouse. Marine-grade aluminum 6061-T6 is used in the Coastal Series overhead lifts. The top beam is mounted on top of the parallel joists that run the length of the boat. The Max series is a heavy-duty overhead lift that's perfect for marina slips. Aluminum or galvanized steel pile mount boat lifts are available.