Upgrade KAWIRE Wire Harness

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GEM Remotes Upgrade KAWIRE Wire Harness

The GEM Remotes Upgrade KAWIRE Wire Harness is a comprehensive kit designed to seamlessly upgrade a manual remote system to an auto-stop system for boat lifts. This product is specifically compatible with GEM boat lift remotes manufactured after March 2007. With its included components and clear wiring instructions, this wire harness provides an efficient and convenient solution for enhancing the functionality of boat lift remote systems.

Key Features:

  1. Upgrade to Auto-Stop System: By utilizing the GEM Remotes Upgrade KAWIRE Wire Harness, boat owners can easily convert their manual remote system into an advanced auto-stop system. This upgrade allows for precise positioning and stopping of the boat lift at desired locations.
  2. Compatibility: The wire harness is specifically designed to work with GEM boat lift remotes manufactured after March 2007. It ensures seamless integration with these remotes, enhancing their functionality and performance.
  3. Complete Kit: The product includes a wiring harness, cable gland, and comprehensive wiring instructions. This all-inclusive kit provides everything needed to successfully install and upgrade the boat lift remote system.
  4. Ample Wire Length: The wiring harness features approximately 16 to 17 inches of wire from the connector. This generous length allows for flexibility during installation and ensures convenient connectivity between components.
  5. Color-Coded Wiring: The wiring harness consists of blue, black, and red wires. The color-coded design simplifies the installation process, making it easier to identify and connect the appropriate wires.


  • Compatibility: GEM boat lift remotes manufactured after March 2007.
  • Included Components: Wiring harness, cable gland, and wiring instructions.
  • Wire Length: Approximately 16 to 17 inches from the connector.
  • Wiring Colors: Blue, black, and red wires.


The GEM Remotes Upgrade KAWIRE Wire Harness is designed for straightforward installation. The included wiring instructions provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process. By following the instructions carefully, users can easily connect the wire harness to the existing manual remote system, enabling the auto-stop functionality.

Enhance Your Boat Lift Remote System:

With the GEM Remotes Upgrade KAWIRE Wire Harness, boat owners can conveniently upgrade their manual remote systems to auto-stop functionality. This upgrade not only provides precise positioning and stopping but also enhances the overall convenience and control of boat lift operations. Trust in the quality and compatibility of GEM Remotes to transform your boating experience.

Product Overview

  • Upgrades Manual Systems to Auto-Stop
  • Includes Wiring Directions
  • Cable Gland & Wiring Kit
  • Remotes after March 2007