SJTW 12/5 Boat Lift Control Cable

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SJTW 12/5 Boat Lift Control Cable

The SJTW 12/5 boat lift electrical cable is used in wiring boat lift switches, controls, and boat lift motors. A 12/5 classification means it has (5) 12 gauge wires; white, red, orange, green, blue. UL VW-1 E46194 standard. PVC is used for the cable’s core insulation. Copper conductor material. The black outer jacket is made of thermoplastic and vinyl. The jacket filler is poly rope. The maximum voltage is 300V. This cable is rated 105C water-resistant 300m for outdoor use.

What is SJTW?

SJTW is an industry abbreviation for the classification of electrical cables and their internal wires. S stands for service and J stands for junior. Junior means hard service instead of extra hard. T is the type of coating, which is thermoplastic/vinyl. W stands for weather approved.
So SJTW electrical cable is a hard service, thermoplastic jacket cable rated up to 300v and approved for use outdoors in the weather.

Electrical Cable Designation

Cables are classified based on the gauge of their individual wires and the number of those wires inside their jackets. A 12/5 classification consists of 5 wires, each of which is 12 gauge wires. A 14/5 classification consists of 5 wires, each of which is 14 gauge wires.


 Type: SJTW 12/5
SJTW 14/5
Standard: UL VW-1 E46194 UL VW-1 E46194
Core Insulation: PVC PVC
Overall Diameter: .52 in. .44 in.
Service Type: Hard Hard
Surface: Smooth Smooth
Max. Voltage: 300v 300v
Wire Gauge: 12 14
Conductor Material: Copper Copper
5 Conductor: W/R/O/G/B W/R/O/G/B
Filler: Poly rope Poly rope
Jacket Material: Thermoplastic/vinyl Thermoplastic/vinyl
Jacket Color: Black Black
Rated: Outdoor use Outdoor use
Weather Resistance: 105C water-resistant 300m 105C water-resistant 300m

Product Overview

  • (5) 14 gauge electrical wires
  • White, red, orange, green, and blue wires
  • Copper conductors
  • Poly rope filled
  • 300v max voltage
  • Hard service, thermoplastic jacket
  • .44 in. overall diameter
  • Rated 105C water-resistant 300m for outdoor use