SJTW 12/5 Boat Lift Control Cable

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SJTW 12/5 Boat Lift Control Cable

The SJTW 12/5 Boat Lift Electrical Cable is a versatile and reliable cable specifically designed for wiring boat lift switches, controls, and boat lift motors. With its durable construction and high-quality materials, this cable ensures optimal performance in various marine applications. Let’s take a closer look at its features and specifications.

Designation and Classification:
The SJTW 12/5 Cable is classified according to industry standards. The “SJTW” abbreviation provides important information about its characteristics. The “S” stands for service, indicating its suitability for general-purpose electrical applications. The “J” represents junior, meaning it is designed for hard service. The “T” signifies its thermoplastic/vinyl coating, which enhances durability. Lastly, the “W” denotes that it is weather approved, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Wire Composition and Gauge:
This electrical cable consists of five individual wires, each with a 12-gauge diameter. The wires are color-coded for easy identification: white, red, orange, green, and blue. This standardized color scheme simplifies installation and maintenance procedures.

Core Insulation and Conductor Material:
The core insulation of this cable is made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). PVC provides excellent electrical insulation, protecting the conductors from external elements and ensuring safe and reliable performance. The conductors themselves are made of copper, a highly conductive material that facilitates efficient electrical transmission.

Jacket Material and Filler:
The black outer jacket of the SJTW 12/5 Cable is crafted from a combination of thermoplastic and vinyl. This jacket provides excellent resistance against abrasion, moisture, and other environmental factors commonly encountered in marine settings. Additionally, the jacket filler consists of poly rope, enhancing the overall durability and flexibility of the cable.

Voltage and Rating:
This electrical cable is rated for a maximum voltage of 300V. It is capable of withstanding the electrical demands of boat lift switches, controls, and motors, ensuring consistent and reliable power supply. Furthermore, the cable is specifically designed for outdoor use and is rated as weather-resistant, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

Temperature and Water Resistance:
The SJTW 12/5 Cable is rated for 105°C water resistance, ensuring its reliability even in wet environments. It can withstand exposure to water, making it suitable for boat lift applications where moisture is present. The cable’s water-resistant properties contribute to its longevity and durability in demanding marine conditions.

Dimensions and Application:
With an overall diameter of 0.52 inches, this cable offers a compact and manageable size for installation in boat lift systems. Its smooth surface and flexible construction simplify routing and positioning, allowing for easy installation in tight spaces. The SJTW 12/5 Cable is specifically designed to meet the electrical requirements of boat lift switches, controls, and motors, providing a reliable and efficient power connection.

In conclusion, the SJTW 12/5 Boat Lift Electrical Cable is a high-quality, durable, and versatile cable designed for boat lift applications. Its 12-gauge wires, PVC core insulation, copper conductors, and thermoplastic/vinyl jacket ensure optimal electrical performance and protection in demanding marine environments. With its weather resistance, water resistance, and ease of installation, this cable provides a reliable power solution for boat lift systems. Trust the SJTW 12/5 Cable to deliver efficient and dependable electrical connections for your boat lift needs.


Type SJTW 12/5 Standard UL VW-1 E46194
Core Insulation PVC Overall Diameter 0.52 in.
Service Type Hard Surface Smooth
Max. Voltage 300V Wire Gauge 12
Conductor Material Copper Conductor Colors W/R/O/G/B
Filler Poly rope Jacket Material Thermoplastic/vinyl
Jacket Color Black Rated Outdoor use
Weather Resistance 105C water-resistant Application Boat lift switches, controls, and motors
Features Durable, versatile, reliable Electrical Performance Optimal, efficient, safe
Weather Resistance Rating Suitable for outdoor use Water Resistance 105C water-resistant
Installation Easy, flexible routing Size Compact
Safety Standards UL VW-1 E46194 Suitable for Marine applications
Voltage Rating 300V Insulation Material PVC
Conductivity Copper Abrasion Resistance High
Moisture Resistance Excellent Longevity Durable, reliable
Compatibility Boat lift systems Temperature Rating 105°C
Outdoor Use Yes

Product Overview

  • Versatile cable for boat lift switches, controls, and motors.
  • 12-gauge wires in white, red, orange, green, and blue.
  • PVC core insulation and copper conductors for optimal performance.
  • Thermoplastic/vinyl jacket for durability and weather resistance.
  • Rated for a maximum voltage of 300V.
  • 105°C water-resistant for reliable outdoor use.
  • Compact size with an overall diameter of 0.52 inches.
  • Easy installation and flexible routing for convenience.