AX-35 - 35 in. Boat Hoist Drive Belt

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AX-35 – 35 in. Boat Hoist Drive Belt

The AX-35 – 35″ Boat Hoist Drive Belt fits BH-USA flat-plate hoists and various other brands of flat-plate boat hoists. The drive belt fits into the grooves of the 2 in. motor pulley and a 10 1/2 in. – 11 in. gear plate assembly hoist pulley. The drive belt fits all BH-USA flat-plate boat hoists. Factory molded with a black finish. Made out of rubber. 34 in. in total surface size. The belt is cogged to grip the groove of the pulleys. This allows less slipping during the lifting operation. Install the belt into the grooves of both pulleys. Operating the electric motor will turn the motor pulley and driveshaft. The motor spinning the motor pulley allows the belt to turn the worm gear of the flat-plate boat hoist. The worm gear is installed onto the drive pipe. Designed with Anti-break technology.

Drive Belt Sizes

Belt Name Belt Size Boat Hoist Style Hoist Pulley Size Motor Pulley Size
AX-26 26 in. BH-360 / PWC Belt-Driven Hoists 7 in. – 8 in. 2 in.
AX-34 34 in. Standard Flat-Plate Hoists 10 in. 2 in.
AX-35 35 in. Older Flat-Plate Hoists 10 1/2 in. – 11 in. 2 in.
AX-39 39 in. Older Flat-Plate Hoists 12 in. 2 in.

Belt Size: 35 in.
Hoist Pulley Size: 10 1/2 in. – 11 in.
Motor Pulley Size: 2 in.
Hoist Style: Older flat-plate boat hoists (gear plate)
Belt Style: Cogged
Material: Rubber
Color: Black
Type: Anti-break technology
Country of Origin: USA

Product Overview

  • Cogged for a true grip
  • Made with anti-break technology
  • Molded black rubber material
  • Fits various other flat-plate hoist pulleys
  • Fits BH-USA flat-plate hoists
  • 35 in. belt surface
  • Fits 10 1/2 in. - 11 in. hoist pulleys