AX-34 - 34 in. Flat Plate Hoist Drive Belt

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AX-34 – 34 in. Flat Plate Hoist Drive Belt

The AX-34 is a 34-inch drive belt that is compatible with all flat-plate boat hoists from BH-USA. This belt is the perfect length to fit around a 10-inch hoist pulley and to be able to attach it to a 2-inch motor pulley. As the motor’s driveshaft turns, the pulleys turn the belt in order to complete the movement of the hoist.

Made from rubber. The belt is designed with anti-break technology. The belt is molded in black color. There is a molded groove that fits into the grooves of the pulleys. The cogs are designed to fit into the grooves on the pulleys.

There is a pulley mounted on the drive shaft of the assembly block, and there is a smaller pulley mounted on the drive shaft of the motor, which is mounted at the bottom of the gear plate. On both pulleys, a belt is installed. The motor rotates its drive shaft in response to the motion of the pulleys on the motor and assembly block, which then turn the worm gear inside the assembly block, which turns the 96 tooth gear. A drive pipe installed through the 96 tooth gear’s bore causes the drive pipe to rotate. If the motor is turning in one direction, or the other, the drive pipe will either raise or lower whatever is attached to it.

We recommend inspecting all drive belts for cracks or breaks before performing any lifting operations.
Product Overview

  • Cogged for a true grip
  • Made with anti-break technology
  • Molded black rubber material
  • Fits all standard flat-plate hoist pulleys
  • Fits all BH-USA flat-plate hoists
  • 34 in. belt surface
  • Fits 10 in. hoist pulleys