Overhead Boat Lifts

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An overhead boat lift, also known as an overhead crane lift or a bridge lift, is a type of boat lift that utilizes an overhead structure to raise and lower boats. Unlike traditional boat lifts that rely on vertical lifting mechanisms, an overhead boat lift operates on a horizontal axis. Here are the key features and components typically associated with an overhead boat lift: Overhead Structure: An overhead boat lift consists of a sturdy framework or structure that spans the area where boats are stored or launched. This structure is typically mounted on supporting columns or beams and extends across the water. Bridge or Crane System: The overhead structure of the boat lift incorporates a bridge or crane system that runs along the horizontal axis. This bridge is equipped with lifting mechanisms, such as electric motors or hydraulic systems, to raise and lower the boats. Lifting Slings or Straps: To support the boat during the lifting process, overhead boat lifts often use slings or straps attached to the lifting mechanisms. These slings or straps are carefully positioned under the boat to ensure proper balance and stability. Control System: Overhead boat lifts typically include a control system that allows the operator to maneuver the lifting bridge, raise or lower the boat, and control the overall operation of the lift. The control system may include switches, keypads, remote controls, or other control interfaces. Overhead boat lifts offer several advantages: Flexibility: The horizontal movement provided by the overhead boat lift allows boats to be positioned in various locations, enabling efficient use of storage space or access to the water. Versatility: Overhead boat lifts can accommodate different boat sizes and hull configurations. The lifting slings or straps can be adjusted to properly support the boat during lifting and transportation. Accessibility: The overhead design of the lift provides unobstructed access to the boat, making it easier to perform maintenance, repairs, or other tasks while the boat is suspended in the air. Enhanced Security: Overhead boat lifts can be equipped with additional security features, such as locking mechanisms or anti-theft devices, to protect the boat from unauthorized use or theft. It's important to note that the specific design, features, and capacities of overhead boat lifts can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended application.