Swaged Loop Cable

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The Swaged Loop Galvanized Steel Cable is a high-quality and reliable solution designed specifically for boat lift applications. It is a 7 x 19 strand aircraft cable that offers exceptional strength, durability, and moderate corrosion resistance. This cable is factory-cut and swaged, ensuring a secure and permanent connection that exceeds the rated breaking strength of the wire rope when properly applied. One of the key features of this cable is its flexibility. The 7 x 19 construction, which refers to seven strands with 19 wires in each strand, makes it the most flexible aircraft cable available. This flexibility allows the cable to easily navigate through sheaves and cable winders without losing its ductility over long periods of use. It is important to note that while this cable is suitable for boat lift applications, it should not be used for aircraft controls or for lifting humans. When selecting wire rope for boat lift applications, it is crucial to consider the safe working load (SWL) rather than the breaking strength. The breaking strength simply indicates the maximum force a brand-new wire rope can withstand before snapping. However, in real-world applications, wire ropes function as systems that include various components and factors that can affect their strength. The SWL incorporates a safety factor recommended by the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to account for these factors, ensuring the lift can safely hold the load even under adverse conditions. To determine the appropriate size of wire rope for your boat lift, several factors need to be considered. These factors include the total weight to be lifted, which includes the wet weight of the boat (including fuel, water, and any cargo items), as well as the weight of the lifting cradle and bunks. BH-USA recommends considering at least a 5:1 safety factor when calculating the working loads and using a minimum of 4 drops for boat lift applications. The Swaged Loop Galvanized Steel Cable is specifically recommended for freshwater applications. If you require a cable for saltwater environments, stainless steel cable is the preferred choice due to its superior corrosion resistance. It is essential to regularly inspect wire ropes and cables for any signs of deterioration that could compromise their strength. Lubricating the operating ropes regularly and avoiding shock loads can help extend the lifespan of the cable. BH-USA takes pride in providing high-quality products, and each cable sold by BH-USA comes with a test certificate, which can be requested upon purchase. However, it is important to note that due to the unpredictable and varying conditions in which the cable is used after purchase, BH-USA cannot provide a warranty or be held liable for the cable beyond the purchase date. The ultimate responsibility lies with the user to determine the working load limit for each application based on various factors such as loads applied, speed of operation, acceleration or deceleration, and the condition of the cable. In conclusion, the Swaged Loop Galvanized Steel Cable is an excellent choice for boat lift applications. Its 7 x 19 construction provides superior flexibility, while its galvanized steel composition offers moderate corrosion resistance and long-lasting ductility. With the appropriate safety factors and regular inspections, this cable ensures the safe and reliable lifting of boats in freshwater environments. BH-USA recommends following industry standards and guidelines for proper use and maintenance, and always prioritizing safety when working with wire ropes and cables.