Wire Rope Clips

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Wire rope clips, also known as cable clamps or U-bolt clamps, are devices used to secure the loose end of a wire rope back to the wire rope itself, forming a closed loop. They play a crucial role in creating eye terminations or splices in wire rope assemblies. Here are the key features and functions of wire rope clips: Construction: Wire rope clips typically consist of a U-shaped bolt, a saddle, and two nuts. The U-bolt passes around the rope and through the saddle, and the nuts secure the assembly. Secure Wire Rope: The primary purpose of wire rope clips is to securely fasten the loose end of a wire rope to the standing part of the same rope, creating an eye or loop. This prevents the wire rope from unraveling and provides a point for attachments, such as hooks or other fittings. Installation: To install a wire rope clip, the U-bolt is placed around the rope and through the saddle. The nuts are then tightened to the recommended torque specifications. It's important to follow proper installation procedures to ensure a secure and safe connection. Applications: Wire rope clips are commonly used in various applications, including marine, construction, rigging, and general-purpose lifting. They are suitable for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications, depending on the size and material of the clip. Materials: Wire rope clips are typically made of materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, or other corrosion-resistant alloys. The choice of material depends on the environment and application requirements. Regulations: The installation of wire rope clips should adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure safety. Proper spacing and torque values must be followed to achieve the desired clamping force without damaging the wire rope. Reusability: While wire rope clips are generally reusable, it's important to inspect them regularly for wear, deformation, or corrosion. If any issues are detected, the clips should be replaced to maintain the integrity of the wire rope assembly. Alternative Terminations: While wire rope clips are a common method for forming eye terminations, there are alternative methods, such as swaging or using wire rope sleeves, depending on the specific requirements of the application. In summary, wire rope clips are essential components for creating secure and reliable connections in wire rope assemblies, contributing to the safety and functionality of various lifting and rigging applications.