Boat Lift Cable

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The designation "7 x 19" for an aircraft boat lift cable specifies the cable's construction pattern, revealing key details about its composition. In this configuration, the cable is constructed with seven individual strands, and each of these strands comprises 19 individual wires. This particular arrangement results in a cable with a total of 133 wires. The choice of the 7 x 19 construction is significant for applications where flexibility and strength are crucial, such as in boat lift systems. The numerous wires and strands provide flexibility, allowing the cable to bend and move smoothly during lifting and lowering operations. Simultaneously, the construction offers strength and durability, ensuring the cable can effectively support the weight of boats. The term "aircraft" in the description underscores the high-strength and quality standards associated with cables used in aircraft and other demanding applications. In the context of boat lift cables, the use of this construction signifies a cable designed to withstand the challenging marine environment, typically made of materials like galvanized steel for enhanced corrosion resistance and longevity. The 7 x 19 aircraft boat lift cable is a reliable choice for boat lifting operations, balancing the necessary strength and flexibility for efficient and safe performance. Regular inspection and maintenance are crucial to ensuring the continued reliability of these cables in boat lift systems.