Snatch Blocks

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Snatch blocks are mechanical devices used in rigging and lifting operations. They consist of a pulley enclosed in a hinged shell or frame. The hinged design allows the block to be opened, facilitating the insertion of a rope or cable without threading it through one end. Once the rope is in place, the block can be closed and secured. The primary purpose of snatch blocks is to change the direction of a line, usually for the purpose of lifting or pulling heavy loads. The block's pulley reduces the friction on the line, making it easier to lift or move the load. The ability to open the block, insert the line, and then close it around the line without threading makes snatch blocks versatile and easy to use in various rigging scenarios. Snatch blocks are commonly used in industries such as construction, maritime, and forestry. They play a crucial role in facilitating the movement of heavy objects, allowing for efficient and controlled lifting or pulling operations. The term "snatch block" may also refer to the action of quickly grabbing or "snatching" a line, which aligns with the device's purpose in changing the direction of force.