Traditional Dock Cleats

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Traditional dock cleats are fixtures commonly used on docks and boats to secure lines and ropes. These cleats are typically made of durable materials such as metal or reinforced plastics. They have a distinctive shape, resembling two horns extending horizontally from a central base, creating a structure that allows the secure tying of ropes. The primary purpose of dock cleats is to provide a stable point for securing boats and vessels, preventing them from drifting away or moving uncontrollably. Boaters use these cleats to tie off lines, creating a connection between the boat and the dock. Traditional dock cleats are often found along the edges of docks or on the sides of boats, providing convenient locations for mooring. Users can loop a rope around the horns of the cleat and secure it by wrapping the rope in a figure-eight or similar knot. This ensures a reliable and easily adjustable connection. Traditional dock cleats are an essential part of docking systems, contributing to the safety and stability of boats when they are at the dock.