Upgrade: Drum Switch to Remote Control

Upgrading from a Switch to a Remote

Thinking of adding a remote control system to your boat lift? These systems are getting more popular because they make boat handling easier. There is a number of factors to consider when upgrading. We will go over everything.

The Evolution of Boat Lift Remote Controls

Gone are the days of manual cranking. Boat lift operations have become much more convenient thanks to remote controls. These devices changed the way we handle boats, making the process faster, safer, and simpler. All it takes is a press of a button to operate your boat lift.

Understanding Compatibility

Using a remote control for your boat lift can make boating easier and more enjoyable. Here are some key points to consider:

Operating your boat lift from a distance eliminates manual handling. This makes docking and launching easier.

Remote controls streamline lift operations. This saves time and effort. It gives precise boat movements.

Controlling the lift from a distance reduces the risk of accidents during docking or launching. This enhances overall safety.

Modern remotes offer features like speed adjustment and preset positions for precise control over lift operations.

Ease of Use:
Choose a remote with user-friendly buttons.

Check Your Motor Compatibility:
Make sure your boat lift motor can work with the remote control system you want to use. This step avoids potential problems and protects your equipment from damage.

Understand Frequency and Communication:
Remote control systems use specific frequencies and communication methods. Ensure your motor and remote can communicate seamlessly to prevent issues.

Range and Signal Strength:
Consider where you’ll use the remote and how far it will need to reach. A strong signal is vital for consistent performance. Test the remote’s range to confirm it can cover the required distance.

Ensuring Seamless Integration

Follow these tips for a smoother upgrade experience:

Seek Expert Advice

Before picking a boat lift remote control system, it’s smart to consult with experts. BH-USA has a team ready to help you choose the right system and answer any questions you may have about your upgrade.

Review Specifications Thoroughly

Before setting up your boat lift remote, take time to verify that its specifications match your boat lift motor’s requirements. This means checking details like the motor type, power needs, and how the remote communicates with the system. Ensuring compatibility will help everything work smoother.

Professional Installation

It’s recommended to get a professional to install the system. They know how to set it up correctly and can give you maintenance tips. BH-USA has a Builder Locator tool on their website for help finding a professional in your area.

BH-USA Remotes

BH-USA is well known in the boat lift industry. They’ve been around for years, leading the market with their boat lift motors, accessories, and remote control systems. People love their Elite and GEM Remotes because they make handling boat lifts super smooth and accurate, giving boat owners peace of mind.

BH-USA is getting ready to launch a brand-new boat lift remote control system. This remote will use the latest technology and be really easy to use, working well with many different types of boat lift motors. It’s set to be a top choice for boat owners everywhere.


Installing a remote control system on your boat lift can greatly improve how you handle your boat. It’s important to know if these systems will work with your boat lift. Consulting with experts is a smart move. It ensures everything works well together, enhancing your time by the water and making boat handling easier.