BH-360 PWC Lift Fastener Kit

$ 115.99
UPC: 091037090195
SKU: BH09019



BH-360 PWC Lift Fastener Kit

The BH-360 PWC Lift Fastener Kit includes all the galvanized fasteners needed to mount the BH-360 PWC lift. Includes carriage bolts, lag bolts, hex head bolts, flat washers, lock washers, nuts, bunk angle kits, bearing ring, and galvanized shackle. All grade 2 bolts.

Grade 2 Bolts

A bolt head with no markings. Made of low or medium carbon steel. These are the most common household grade of bolts. Typically found in fasteners such as machine screws and carriage bolts.

Product Overview

  • All fasteners to install a BH-360 PWC Lift
  • Hot-dipped galvanized hardware
  • Shackle, bunk angles, and bearing rings included
  • Made in the USA


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