Dock Roller Assembly

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Dock Roller Assembly

Tie Down’s commercial-grade dock roller assembly provides flexible installation options to suit your specific docking needs. It can be easily mounted directly to the dock or used with deck plates (parts #26416 and #26447), offering convenience and adaptability. The 5/8-inch stainless steel roller shaft with removable cotter pins ensures sturdy and long-lasting construction. With its 6-inch black rubber roller, the dock roller assembly offers a smooth docking experience. It helps to reduce friction and facilitates easy and gentle boat movement during docking, ensuring a hassle-free docking process.

  • [VERSATILE DOCKING SOLUTION] This Dock Rollers Assembly offers flexible installation options, making this boat rubber bumper suitable for various docking setups. Whether you prefer direct mounting to the dock or using deck plates, this assembly provides convenient adaptability to meet your needs.
  • [COMMERCIAL-GRADE DURABILITY] Crafted with commercial-grade standards, our dock roller assembly is built to withstand the rigors of marine environments. The 5/8 in. stainless steel roller shaft, secured with removable cotter pins, ensures sturdy and long-lasting construction.
  • [SMOOTH DOCKING EXPERIENCE] With a 6 in. black rubber roller, our dock roller assembly provides a smooth docking experience for your boat. The rubber boat roller reduces friction, allowing for easy and gentle boat movement during docking.
  • [ENHANCED BOAT PROTECTION] The Dock Roller Assembly is designed with boat protection in mind. Its smooth rolling action helps prevent potential damage to your boat and dock during docking and mooring, ensuring your valuable investment is well cared for.
  • [CONVENIENT INSTALLATION] The Dock Roller Assembly is engineered for straightforward installation. While no hardware is included, the assembly’s design facilitates easy mounting to your dock or utilization with compatible deck plates.
  • [A MUST-HAVE DOCKING ACCESSORY] Whether you own a commercial marina or a personal dock, Tie Down’s Dock Roller Assembly is a must-have accessory to enhance your docking experience. It brings convenience, durability, and performance together in one reliable package.
Product Overview

  • Suitable for various docking setups
  • Built to withstand marine environments
  • Provides smooth docking experience
  • Reduces friction for gentle boat movement
  • Designed with boat protection in mind
  • Facilitates easy and convenient installation
  • Enhances docking experience for all users
  • Versatile and adaptable for different docks

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