Galvanized Pulley Block Hanger

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Galvanized Pulley Block Hanger for Wood Beams

The Galvanized Pulley Block Hanger mounts to wood beams or wooden joists. Made from 3/8 in. thick hot-dipped galvanized steel. Allows flexibility needed for the boat lift cable to align with the boat cradle or boat sling. Moveable with the cable which allows the cable to stay on the sheeve.

The 9 in. version has (1) .688 in. wood beam mounting hole with a 1.125 in. block hanger mounting hole. The 12 in. version (2) .688 in. wood beam mounting hole with a 1.125 in. block hanger mounting hole.

Does not include mounting fasteners.


Size: 9 in. 12 in.
Dimensions: 2 1/2 in. L x 3/8 in. W x 9 in. H 2 1/2 in. L x 3/8 in. W x 12 in. H
Material: Steel Steel
Finish: Hot-dipped galvanized Hot-dipped galvanized
Weight: 2.2 lbs. 2.95 lbs.
Wood Beam Mounting Holes: 1 2
Holes Size: .688 in. .688 in.
Block Hanger Mounting Holes: 1 1
Hole Size: 1.125 in. 1.125 in.
Bolt Acceptance: Up to 1/2 in. Up to 1/2 in.


Product Overview

  • Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • .688 in. wood beam mounting holes
  • 1.125 in. sheave or pulley block mounting hole
  • Flexibility needed for cable to align with cradle or sling
  • The hanger is able to move with the cable