Lil Lifter 1200 lb Cradle Fork Tube

$ 122.00
SKU: BH09327

Currently Unavailable


The Lil Lifter 1200 lb Cradle Fork Tube attaches to the cradle carriage to form the frame of the PWC cradle. Fits both Demco 1000-pound and BH-USA 1200-pound Dockside Lil Lifters. Made from 6061-T6 US aluminum. Hollow tube with 0.406 inch cradle carriage mounting holes.

Single fork tube only
Product Overview

  • Attaches to Cradle Carriage
  • Hollowed tube
  • Made from 6061-T6 US aluminum
  • Fits both Demco 1000 lb. & BH-USA 1200 lb. Lil Lifters


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