Lil Lifter Spool Housing Switch Bracket Cover

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Lil Lifter Spool Housing Switch Bracket Cover

The Lil Lifter Spool Housing Switch Bracket Cover is a precision-engineered accessory that brings innovation and functionality to your Dockside Lil Lifter. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this cover seamlessly integrates into your setup, offering enhanced protection, aesthetics, and ease of use. Here’s a comprehensive technical breakdown of its features:

The cover attaches securely to the bracket via (2) 1/4-inch holes on each side. This ensures a stable and reliable connection, eliminating any concerns about shifting or detachment during operation. The front side of the cover features (2) pre-punched holes, thoughtfully positioned to accommodate the cam rotary boat lift switch. This precise placement guarantees a snug and secure fit for optimal switch functionality. Beyond its functional benefits, the cover’s design cleverly conceals the assembly bolts of the bracket. This strategic feature creates a clean and organized appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your boat lift system.

Constructed from premium 6061-T6 US aluminum, the Lil Lifter Spool Housing Switch Bracket Cover stands as a testament to durability and longevity. This marine-grade material ensures resistance to corrosion and wear, making it an ideal choice for marine environments. With a thickness of 1/16 inch, the cover maintains a delicate balance between robustness and lightweight design. This ensures its ability to withstand the rigors of boating while remaining easy to handle and install.

The cover’s design allows for a quick and hassle-free installation process. The (4) precisely drill-pressed 1/4-inch holes ensure accurate alignment, saving time and effort during setup. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a newcomer, the straightforward installation process guarantees that you can enjoy the benefits of the cover without the need for complex adjustments or modifications. The Lil Lifter Spool Housing Switch Bracket Cover is engineered to fit all automatic Lil Lifters, offering versatile compatibility that suits various boat lift configurations. Its overall dimensions of 7 1/8 inches in length, 2 5/8 inches in width, and 10 3/4 inches in height are meticulously tailored to ensure a seamless fit with different setups.

Manufactured by BH-USA, a renowned name in the marine industry, the cover carries the assurance of exceptional craftsmanship and reliability. The cover’s (4) drill-pressed 1/4-inch holes align perfectly with BH-USA’s commitment to delivering top-tier marine accessories that meet the highest standards of quality. Weighing in at a lightweight profile, the cover offers a seamless blend of protection and convenience, ensuring that your boat lift system remains optimized without any unnecessary weight additions. The cover’s slim 1/16-inch design adds a layer of sophistication to your boat lift setup, contributing to an overall polished appearance.

In summary, the Lil Lifter Spool Housing Switch Bracket Cover represents a pinnacle of engineering, marrying technical precision with user-friendly design. Its innovative features ensure secure attachment, streamlined aesthetics, and straightforward installation. Made from durable 6061-T6 US aluminum, this marine-grade cover stands the test of time while enhancing your boating experience. Trust in BH-USA’s legacy and elevate your boat lift system with the Lil Lifter Spool Housing Switch Bracket Cover – a testament to excellence in both design and performance.


Material: 6061-T6 US Aluminum Material Thickness: 1/16 inch (0.0625 inches)
Weight: Lightweight Dimensions: 7 1/8 inches L x 2 5/8 inches W x 10 3/4 inches H
Hole Process: Drill Pressed Hole Sizes: (4) 1/4 inch
Mounting Holes: (2) on each side Compatibility: Fits all automatic Lil Lifters
Design: Slim, clean, and organized Durability: 6061-T6 Marine Grade Aluminum
Installation: Easy and quick installation Manufacturer: BH-USA
Purpose: Secures boat lift switch, conceals assembly bolts

Product Overview

  • Secures switch and bolts
  • 6061-T6 marine aluminum
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Slim, clean design
  • Conceals assembly bolts
  • Universal Lil Lifters fit
  • Drill-pressed holes
  • Lightweight durability
  • Enhances Dockside Lil Lifter


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