Replacement Bulb Assembly

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Replacement Bulb Assembly

The Green Monster Replacement Bulb Assembly is a waterproof bulb. Factory-installed.  The bulb is wired with a control cable. The cable does not have a GFCI on it. Multiple replacement bulb lengths are available. It includes two-stage waterproofing. Replaces one Green Monster bulb. Replacement bulb for existing Green Monster Fishing Light kits. Control cable features 3 colored wires; hot, neutral, and ground. Wire the replacement bulb into the control box.

GFCI is not included.


(1) – Green Monster Bulb with control cable

1. Locate the small baggy included with your Green Monster Fishing Light.  This bag contains all installation parts, (i.e. screws and zip-ties).

2.  Locate an area to mount the electronic power unit.  This location should be near a GFCI power source. This box converts electricity from your power GFCI protected power source into useable power for the bulb.  It is normal for this box to be warm to the touch during operation.

3.  Determine bulb depth location.  NOTE: minimum depth for the bulb should be at least 4 feet from the surface of the water. This prevents the bulb from being damaged by boat traffic.  Once the desired depth is determined, subtract the distance of the bulb location from the water’s surface. This will give you the distance the weight needs to be from the bulb.  (Total depth of water – Depth of bulb=  Distance between the weight and the bulb)

4.  Adjust the weight to the desired depth.  Attach the zip-ties to the cord with the cord protector in place.  Be sure to tighten the zip-ties and check for slippage.

5.  Deploy the weight and bulb in the desired location.  Make sure you always deploy the weight FIRST and allow the weight to pull the bulb into the proper location to prevent bulb breakage!!!

6.  Once the bulb is in position, plug the PHOTOCELL into the top of the power unit. Next, plug your Green Monster Fishing Light into a GFCI protected outlet.  Once night comes, your light will glow bright and beautiful.  Note: Although the light comes with its own GFCI plug attached to it, we recommended that the power source also be GFCI protected due to its proximity to water and the outdoors.

Product Overview

  • Sealed bulb and control cable
  • Replacement for Green Monster Fishing Lights
  • Waterproof construction
  • 8900 lumens
  • GFCI Not Included

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