E-Drive Hoist Hangers

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The E-Drive Hoist Hanger is a dual pipe support that you mount a BH-USA E-Drive to the end of. The drive-pipe collars fit 2 3/8 in. OD (2 in. ID) drive pipes that mount directly into the gear of the e-drive. Each drive pipe sleeve has 1/4 in. grease fitting pre-installed and offset for easier greasing. The E-Drive mounts to a welded bar with (2) 0.63 in. (5/8 in.) holes. The 1/4 in. thick flat-plates have a hole lazer cut that fits 2 3/8 in. OD (2 in. ID). There are (4) 1.25 in. x 0.75 in. slots of 0.25 in. flat-plate to mount the drive pipe overhead. Made from 6061-T6 US aluminum.