Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips

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Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips

The Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips are essential components designed to securely fasten the end of a wire rope cable. Manufactured using stainless steel, these clips offer durability, corrosion resistance, and reliable performance.

The installation process is straightforward: the saddle and nuts of the wire rope clips should be positioned on the opposite side of the terminated end. It is crucial to ensure that all the clips are placed on the same side, with the loops aligned on the side of the terminated end. This configuration helps maintain the integrity and stability of the wire rope connection.

It is important to note that the manufacturer provides no warranty or liability for the cable, clips, fasteners, or any other rigging beyond the purchase date. Hence, users should exercise caution and follow appropriate safety protocols during installation and usage.

These Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips are primarily intended for non-critical applications. For critical applications, it is recommended to follow the guidelines set forth by reputable organizations such as ASME, OSHA, and ASTM, which advise using only forged clamps. Forged clamps offer superior strength and reliability, making them suitable for critical and high-load applications.

The working load limit for each specific application is the responsibility of the user. It is crucial to determine the appropriate working load limit, considering factors such as the load, environmental conditions, and safety requirements. A conservative approach is recommended, and it is advisable to factor in at least a 5:1 safety margin when calculating the working loads.

The Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips are compatible with the popular 7 x 19 aircraft cable. This designation refers to the construction of the cable, with seven strands and nineteen wires in each strand. However, it is important to note that these aircraft cables are not suitable for use in aircraft controls.

When it comes to clamp styles, there are two options available: drop forged and malleable iron. The drop-forged clamps are made by hammering heated steel into shape, resulting in a linear grain structure and enhanced strength. The saddle pieces of these clamps are hot-dipped galvanized, while the nuts and bolts are electro-galvanized (zinc plated).

On the other hand, the malleable iron clamps are cast into shape using a grade of steel with lower strength. It is worth mentioning that malleable clamps may yield under heavier loads, potentially causing the wire rope or cable to slip through and fail. However, the malleable clamps, saddles, u-bolts, and nuts included with the Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips are made from stainless steel.

To summarize, the Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips offer a reliable solution for securing wire rope cables. While they are suitable for non-critical applications, it is important to adhere to safety guidelines, calculate appropriate working load limits, and consider using forged clamps for critical applications. By following these recommendations, users can ensure safe and effective usage of the Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips for their specific needs.

Never use malleable iron-type clips for overhead lifting or suspending.
Product Overview

  • Stainless Malleable Wire Rope Clips for cable termination.
  • Made from durable stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
  • Secure installation with saddle and nuts on opposite side.
  • Not suitable for critical applications; use forged clamps.
  • User responsibility to determine working load limit for applications.
  • Compatible with 7 x 19 aircraft cables.
  • Drop-forged clamps offer greater strength; malleable iron for non-critical.
  • Never use for overhead lifting or suspending.