GR2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote w/ Auto-Stop System

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GR2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote w/ Auto-Stop System

The 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote with Auto-Stop System is a cutting-edge remote control solution designed specifically for boat lifts. This advanced system offers enhanced convenience, safety, and functionality for boat owners. With its easy installation process, compatibility with various boat lift motors, and innovative features like the auto-stop system, this remote control system provides seamless operation and peace of mind.

One of the standout features of the 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote is its ability to control two boat lift motors simultaneously. This allows users to raise or lower their boat lifts effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual operation. The Up/Down switch is conveniently controlled automatically with a single touch, streamlining the lifting process.

The auto-stop system is another significant feature of this remote control system. By installing one of the four available “limit switches,” boat owners can achieve precise positioning of their lifts. This eliminates the need for constant monitoring and manually holding down buttons during operation. With the auto-stop system, boat lifts can be raised or lowered to a specific desired position effortlessly and accurately.

Compatibility is a key aspect of the 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote. It is designed to work seamlessly with all single-phase electric boat lift motors, ensuring a wide range of applicability. The manufacturer provides online wiring diagrams and troubleshooting guides for easy installation and setup. These resources cover various boat lift motors, including the Elite Boat Lift Motor, ensuring a smooth integration process.

The remote control system is equipped with a water-resistant black gasket that effectively seals the control box, protecting it from moisture and increasing its durability. The remote control faceplate features raised operation buttons and a toggle switch for power regulation, providing ease of use and ensuring intuitive operation.

Additional features of the 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote include compatibility with optional multiple transmitters. This allows multiple users to operate the boat lift remotely, enhancing convenience and flexibility. The system utilizes radio frequency for transmission, enabling operation from a distance of up to 300 feet from the control box. The compact and water-resistant 3-Button Transmitter, which is included with the system since March 2007, ensures reliable performance even in marine environments.

The 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote is compliant with FCC and ETL regulations, ensuring safety and adherence to quality standards. The system accepts voltage inputs of 110v/220v, accommodating various power supply configurations. The control box is lockable, providing an additional layer of security for the system.

In terms of support and warranty, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote. This warranty provides reassurance and coverage in the event of any manufacturing defects or issues.

In summary, the 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote with Auto-Stop System offers boat owners a reliable and user-friendly solution for operating their boat lifts. With its simultaneous control of two motors, auto-stop system, compatibility with different boat lift motors, and convenient features like multiple transmitters and water resistance, this remote control system ensures convenience, safety, and peace of mind for boat owners seeking efficient and hassle-free boat lift operation.

The 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote with Auto-Stop System features a 30 amp control relay as part of the standard line of controls. Two boat lift motors are controlled simultaneously on one lift. The Up/Down switch is controlled automatically with one touch. Two-motor leveling switch. Optional multiple transmitters are compatible with this boat lift remote. A water-resistant black gasket seals the control box. The remote control faceplate has raised operation buttons and a toggle switch to regulate power.

For each model, there is an online wiring diagram and troubleshooting guide. ETL and FFC listed. Compatible with all single-phase electric boat lift motors. It’s easy to install the remote after removing the existing drum switch. The diagrams include all known boat lift motors, including the Elite Boat Lift Motor.

From March 2007, Gem Remote systems come with a 3-Button Transmitter. The 3-button transmitter floats and is water-resistant. Radio frequency is used instead of line of sight for the transmitter. The device can be operated up to 300 feet from the control box. The frequency is 372. Size of remote transmitter: 2.8 inch by 1.8 inch. A pair of 3V batteries (CR2032) is included.

Will not work with units pre-March 2007.

The auto-stop system allows you to raise or lower the lift to a specific position. One of four “limit switches” must be installed. Your boat lift’s limit switch depends on the type of gear drive (gearplate / gearbox). Unless the boat lift is equipped with auto-stop capability, you will have to hold the button down in order to start and stop it.

Weight: 8 lbs. Controls: 2 Motors (Optional Limit Switch)
Compliant: FCC, ETL Voltage Acceptance: 110v / 220v
Box Length: 8 1/2 in. Remote Length: 1 1/4 in.
Box Width: 6 in. Remote Width: 1 in.
Box Height: 10 1/2 in. Remote Height: 2 1/2 in.
Lockable Case? Yes Transmission: Radiowaves (Not line-so-sight)
Max AMP: 30 Amps Max Range: 300 ft.
Leveling Switch: Yes Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers’ Warranty

Product Overview

  • On/off security switch
  • One-touch automatic up/down switch
  • Leveling switch for (2) motor systems
  • Three-button handheld radio transmitter (remote control)
  • The unit can be wired at 110 or 220V AC