GR2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote w/ Auto-Stop System

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GR2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote w/ Auto-Stop System

The 2A Double Motor Boat Lift Remote w/ Auto-Stop System is a standard line of controls equipped with a 30 amp control relay. Controls two boat lift motors on one lift at the same time. One-touch automatic Up/Down Switch. Leveling Switch for Two Motor Systems. Accommodates optional multiple transmitters for the boat lift remote. The control box features a black water-resistant gasket. The control faceplate has raised buttons for operation and one toggle switch that regulates power to the remote.

Online wiring and troubleshooting guide diagrams for each model. FFC & ETL listed. Compatible with any single-phase electric boat lift motor. Remove the existing drum switch and easily install the remote. Includes diagrams for all known boat lift motors including the Elite Boat Lift Motor.

Auto-Stop Systems

Auto-stop systems allow you to raise or lower your lift to a specific position at the touch of a button. Requires the installation of one of four “limit switches”. The limit switch you need depends on the type of motor(s) that you are using on the boat lift. Without auto-stop capability, you will have to hold the button down to start and stop the boat lift movement.

3-Button Transmitter

The 3-Button Transmitter is sold with Gem Remote systems since March 2007. Water-resistant and floats. The transmitter works on radio frequency not the line of sight. Operates up to 300 feet away from the control box. Frequency 372. 2.8 in. x 1.8 in. remote dimensions. Includes (2) 3V batteries (CR2032). Will not work with units pre-March 2007.


Weight: 8 lbs
Box Dimension: 8 1/2 in. L x 6 W x 10 1/2 H
Remote Transmitter Size 1 1/4 in. L x 1 in. W x 2 1/2 in. H
Controls: (2) Motors (Optional Limit Switch)
Dual Voltage: 110v / 220v
Transmission: Radiowaves (Not line of sight)
Lockable Case: Yes
Leveling Switch: Yes
Max AMP: 30 AMP Control Relay
Max Range: 300 ft.
Compliant: FCC & ETL
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Optional Limit switch purchased separately. Only 1 limit switch is required for the auto-stop system to operate.

Product Overview

  • On/off security switch
  • One-touch automatic up/down switch
  • Leveling switch for (2) motor systems
  • Three-button handheld radio transmitter (remote control)
  • The unit can be wired at 110 or 220V AC