Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves

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Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves

The Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves are essential components used to create an eye termination on cables. They are commonly employed in various applications where wire rope connections require secure fastening. These sleeves are specifically designed to grip the cable tightly, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection.

One of the key features of these sleeves is their hourglass shape, which enhances their gripping capability on the wire rope. This design allows for a secure and stable connection, minimizing the risk of slippage or failure. To secure the Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves onto the cable, a wire rope crimper, also known as a swager, is typically used. This tool compresses and deforms the sleeve, creating a permanent and strong connection.

The Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves meet all US standards, making them reliable and suitable for a wide range of applications. They are particularly ideal for use in the marine environment, where exposure to moisture and saltwater can cause corrosion. The zinc coating on these sleeves provides excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring their durability and longevity even in harsh conditions.

Swaging is the recommended method for terminating wire rope using these sleeves. It involves the mechanical or hydraulic compression of the sleeve onto the wire rope, resulting in a secure and permanent connection. Various types of swaged fittings, including threaded studs, ferrules, sockets, and sleeves, can be used depending on the specific requirements of the application.

When considering the choice of cable, BH-USA recommends using 7 x 19 aircraft cables for boat lift applications. This designation refers to the construction of the cable, which consists of seven strands and nineteen wires in each strand. To ensure safety, it is crucial to consider a minimum 5:1 safety factor when calculating the working loads for the application. BH-USA also provides a test certificate for all cables sold, available upon request. It is important to note that aircraft cables are not suitable for use in aircraft controls.

While the Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves offer a secure wire rope termination solution, it is essential to exercise caution and follow guidelines. BH-USA cannot warranty or be held liable for the cable, clips, fasteners, or any other rigging beyond the purchase date. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the appropriate working load limit for each application, considering factors such as loads, speed, acceleration, deceleration, rope length, shock loads, abrasion, corrosion, drum and sheave conditions, inspection facilities, and potential risks to life and property. These sleeves should never be used to lift humans or be submerged in saltwater for extended periods.

In summary, the Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves provide a reliable and secure method for creating eye terminations on cables. Their hourglass shape and zinc coating ensure a strong grip and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for various applications, especially in marine environments. By following recommended swaging techniques and considering safety factors, users can confidently utilize these sleeves for their wire rope connections.

A wire rope sleeve before and after swaging or crimping the boat lift cable.

Wire rope sleeves are essential tools used for securing the ends of wire ropes. These sleeves play a critical role in ensuring a reliable and safe connection. It is important to understand the following information regarding the use of wire rope sleeves:

Warranty and Liability: BH-USA, the manufacturer, cannot provide warranty or be held liable for the cable, clips, fasteners, or any other rigging beyond the purchase date. The responsibility lies with the ultimate user to determine the working load limit for each specific application.

Determining Working Load Limit: Various factors should be carefully considered when determining the working load limit. These factors include, but are not limited to, applied loads, operational speed, acceleration or deceleration, rope or cable length, shock loads, abrasion, corrosion, the number, size, condition, and location of drums and sheaves, availability of inspection facilities, and the potential danger to life and property in the event of a rope or cable failure.

Restrictions on Usage: It is strictly advised not to use wire rope sold by or made by BH-USA or any product made by BH-USA for lifting humans in any manner. These products are not intended or designed for human lifting applications and should be used in accordance with appropriate safety guidelines and regulations.

Saltwater Exposure: Wire rope sleeves should never be left submerged in saltwater for extended periods. It is recommended to rinse the sleeves with fresh water after each use. Prolonged exposure to saltwater can lead to corrosion and compromise the integrity of the sleeves.

These guidelines and precautions are crucial to ensure the safe and effective usage of wire rope sleeves. By following these recommendations, users can optimize the performance and longevity of their wire rope connections while prioritizing safety in various applications.

Product Overview

  • Zinc Coated Copper Sleeves for secure cable terminations.
  • Hourglass shape enhances grip on wire ropes.
  • Swaging with a wire rope crimper ensures permanent connection.
  • Meets US standards, ideal for marine environments.
  • Recommended for use with 7 x 19 aircraft cables.
  • Consider 5:1 safety factor for working loads.
  • BH-USA provides test certificates for cables.
  • Not suitable for aircraft controls; exercise caution.