2 7/8 in. Small Snap Ring

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2 7/8″ Small Snap Ring

The 2 7/8 in. Small Snap Ring is the smaller retainer that holds the Bronze Composite Back Plate Bearing Kit (#75619) into place. Using the ring is the correct installation method for the backplate bearing.  We recommend using snap ring pliers to remove and install new retainers.

A retaining ring is a fastener that holds components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a housing/bore when installed typically in a groove. Once installed, the exposed portion acts as a shoulder that retains the specific component or assembly.


Size: 2 7/8 in.
Weight: .05 lbs.
Material: Zinc-plated
Style: Retainer ring
Snap Ring Holes: Standard hole size

Product Overview

  • Zinc-plated
  • 2 7/8 in. retainer ring
  • Holds backplate bearing in place
  • Uses snap ring pliers to install