3-Button Transmitter

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3-Button Transmitter

The Gem Remotes 3-Button Transmitter is a reliable and versatile remote control designed for use with Gem Remote systems since March 2007. This water-resistant transmitter offers enhanced convenience and functionality for operating boat lifts. With its radio frequency operation, extended range, and compact design, the 3-Button Transmitter provides seamless and efficient control of boat lift functions.

Key Features:

  1. Water-Resistant and Floats: The 3-Button Transmitter is designed to withstand exposure to water and adverse weather conditions. Its water-resistant construction ensures durability, and its floating capability allows for easy retrieval if accidentally dropped into the water.
  2. Radio Frequency Operation: Unlike traditional line-of-sight remotes, this transmitter operates on a radio frequency. This enables reliable communication between the transmitter and the boat lift control system, even without direct line of sight.
  3. Extended Operating Range: The 3-Button Transmitter offers an impressive operating range of up to 300 feet from the control box. This extended range provides flexibility and freedom to operate the boat lift from a considerable distance.
  4. Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 2.8″ x 1.8″, the 3-Button Transmitter is compact and portable. Its small size makes it easy to carry and handle, ensuring convenience during operation.
  5. Long-Lasting Power: The transmitter includes two 3V batteries (CR2032), offering long-lasting power for extended use. The batteries are easily replaceable, ensuring continuous functionality of the transmitter.
  6. Retail Packaging: The 3-Button Transmitter comes in a clamshell package, making it suitable for retail sale. This packaging not only provides protection but also presents the product in an appealing manner for customers.

Compatibility and Specifications:

  • Operating Timeframe: The 3-Button Transmitter is designed for Gem Remote systems from March 2007 onwards. It is not compatible with units manufactured before this timeframe.
  • Frequency: The transmitter operates on a frequency of 372, ensuring reliable communication with the boat lift control system.
  • Programmable: The 3-Button Transmitter is programmable, allowing for customization and configuration based on user preferences.
  • Transmitters Per Remote: The remote control system supports up to 16 transmitters per remote, allowing multiple users to operate the boat lift conveniently.
  • Manufacturer: The Gem Remotes 3-Button Transmitter is manufactured by Gem Remotes, a reputable company known for producing high-quality remote control solutions for boat lifts.

With its water-resistant and floating design, radio frequency operation, extended range, and compatibility with Gem Remote systems, the 3-Button Transmitter offers boat owners a reliable and convenient solution for controlling their boat lifts. Whether for personal or commercial use, this transmitter provides seamless operation and enhances the overall boating experience.

Will not work with units pre-March 2007.


Frequency: 372 Style: Three-Button Auxilary
Remote Size: 2.8″ x 1.8″ Batteries: Two 3V Batteries (CR2032)
Weight: .2 lbs. Color: Yellow
Waterproof: Yes Floats: Yes
Operates: 2006 – Present GEM Remotes Programmable: Yes
Transmitters Per Remote: Up to 16 Manufacturer: Gem Remotes

Product Overview

  • Sold with systems from March 2007
  • Frequency 372
  • Three-Button Aux
  • 2.8 in. x 1.8 in. Remote
  • Two 3V batteries (CR2032)
  • Will not work with units pre March 2007