GR4F1 4-for-1 Boat Lift Remote

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GR4F1 4-for-1 Boat Lift Remote

GR4F1 4-for-1 Boat Lift Remote features a 30 amp control relay. Controls four single motor lifts from one controller. Operates four individual or combined davits. (4) Motor leveling switches. The faceplate is protected by a locking latch. It features a water-resistant black gasket. The gasket keeps the box dry. There are raised buttons on the faceplate.

A toggle switch controls the remote. (1) waterproof remote transmitter included. Transmitter floats. It works on radio frequency rather than a line of sight. Works up to 300 feet from the control box.

Multiple transmitters can be added to the remote. FFC & ETL listed. Works with any single-phase electric boat lift motor. Wiring diagrams are included for every known boat lift motor.


(1) Control Box
(1) Remote Transmitter


Weight 12 lbs
Box dimensions 8 1/2 in. L x 6 in. W x 10 1/2 in. H
Remote Transmitter Size 2 1/2 in. x 1 1/4 in.
Number Of Motors Controlled Four
Voltage 220v
Transmission Radio (not line of site)
Lockable Case YES
Leveling Switch YES
Max AMP 30 AMP Control Relay
Max range 300 ft
Compliant FCC & ETL
Warranty 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Requires manual selection of which boat lift will be “live” at the GEM box. You cannot select this from the keyfob.

Product Overview

  • It will run (4) single motors, point davits, or lifts with one transmitter
  • Includes (4) independent motor leveling switches
  • Includes a floatable, (3) button hand held radio transmitter remote
  • (1) year manufacturers' warranty