9,000 lb. Aluminum Four Post Pile Mount Lift

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9,000 lb. Aluminum Four Post Pile Mount Lift

Introducing the 9,000 lb. Aluminum Four Post Pile Mount Lift, a reliable and robust solution designed to meet your lifting needs with utmost efficiency. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this lift is specifically engineered to mount on the tops of four dock pilings, offering exceptional performance in marine environments.

One of the standout features of this lift is its impressive lifting capacity. With a 9,000 lb. rating, it ensures that heavy loads can be effortlessly lifted and transported, providing you with the power you need to handle demanding tasks. The lift utilizes a 33 ft. cable compounded configuration, further enhancing its lifting capacity and overall performance.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this lift boasts a no-weld design and is made of 6061-T6 US aluminum. This choice of material ensures superior strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making it ideal for marine applications where exposure to water and harsh elements is common.

The hoist type of this lift is A-Drive (Direct-Drive), which guarantees efficient and direct power transmission, eliminating the need for additional gearing mechanisms. This results in smoother operation and reduced maintenance requirements, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

To provide secure and stable support, the lift is equipped with top beams with a capacity of 5,000 lbs. each, ensuring reliable load distribution. The cradle bunks, measuring 12 ft. x 8 in. x 5 in., offer ample space to accommodate your load and are made of durable aluminum, providing excellent support and protection.

The cable system of this lift is designed for reliability and longevity. With a 33 ft. cable length and stainless steel cable material, it offers excellent tensile strength and resistance to corrosion, ensuring safe and efficient lifting operations. The compounded cable configuration further enhances the lifting capacity and overall performance of the lift.

Safety and ease of use are paramount with this lift. The 40:75 gearbox, with a fully enclosed and double worm reduction design, ensures smooth and precise operation. It features a 450:1 actual ratio, providing the necessary torque to handle heavy loads. The motor, with a 1 HP output and dual voltage capability (115v / 230v), offers flexibility and power for your lifting needs.

Installation and mounting of the lift are made convenient with the included 17 ft. wood crate for shipping, providing protection during transport. The minimum piling diameter required is 8 inches, and the minimum piling height is 4 ft. (48 in.), allowing for versatility in installation.

In summary, the 9,000 lb. Aluminum Four Post Pile Mount Lift is a high-performance and reliable solution for your lifting needs. With its robust construction, impressive lifting capacity, and thoughtful design, it is ready to tackle heavy loads and provide you with efficient and safe lifting operations. Choose this lift and experience the power, durability, and reliability you need for your marine applications.

Bracket long bolts for pilings not included.
Lifting Capacity Gear Ratio Motor Horsepower Motor Finish Piling Amount Cable Configuration Cable Thickness Cable Length
6,000 lbs. 40:75 3/4 HP Stainless steel 4 Straight-Line 5/16 in. 15 ft.
8,000 lbs. 40:75 1 HP Stainless steel 4 Straight-Line 5/16 in. 15 ft.
9,000 lbs. 40:75 1 HP Stainless steel 4 Compounded 5/16 in. 33 ft.
12,000 lbs. 40:90 1 HP Stainless steel 4 Compounded  5/16 in. 33 ft.
16,000 lbs. 40:90 1 HP Stainless steel 4 Compounded 5/16 in. 33 ft.
20,000 lbs. 40:90 1 1/2 HP Stainless steel 4 Compounded 5/16 in. 33 ft.
20,000 lbs. 40:90 1 1/2 HP Stainless steel 6 Compounded 5/16 in. 33 ft.
24,000 lbs. 40:90 1 1/2 HP Stainless steel 6 Compounded 3/8 in. 33 ft.
30,000 lbs. 40:90 1 1/2 HP Stainless steel 8 Compounded 3/8 in. 36 ft.
All aluminum pile mount boat lifts include a BH-USA A-Drive direct-drive hoist and a c-face input wired boat lift motor.

Hoist Type: A-Drive (Direct-Drive) Lifting Capacity: 9,000 lbs.
Minimum Piling Diameter: 8 in. Minimum Piling Height: 4 ft. (48 in.)
Shipping Weight: 900-950 lbs. Shipping Type: 17 ft. Wood Crate
Top Beams: (2) 5,000 lb. Capacity Cable Configuration: Compounded
Cradle Bunks: (2) 12 ft. x 8 in. 5 in. Cable Length: 33 ft.
Cradle Beams: (2) 12 ft. 6 in. x 8 in. x 5 in. Cable Material: Stainless Steel

40:75 Gearbox Specifications

Product Weight: 28.35 lbs. Shipping Box: 13.50 in. x 8 in. x 11.75 in.
Product Length: 11.16 in. Product Width: 7.21 in.
Product Height: 13.23 in. Material: Cast Aluminum
Gearbox Type: Double worm reduction Box Type: Fully enclosed
Gear Type: 40:75 Actual Ratio: 450:1
Output Shaft: 1.25 in. Input Motor Shaft: 0.625 in.
Motor Shaft to Pipe Shaft: 6.59 in. Pipe Mount Bolt Size: (4) 0.50 in.
Motor Mount Type: NEMA 56C Motor Mount Bolt Size: (4) 0.375 in.
Motor Mount to Bolt Mount: 4.15 in. 3/4 HP Output Torque: 3.699 in. / lbs.
1 HP Output Torque: 4.943 in. / lbs. Lube Type: Specially-blended
Relubricating: Maintenance-free Warranty: 5 years
Motor Flange Length: 4.78 in. Motor Flange Width: 3.94 in.
Motor Flange Height: 3.37 in. Pipe Flange Length: 8.07 in.
Pipe Flange Width: 5.04 in. Pipe Flange Height: 6.77 in.

Motor Specifications

Weight: 28.60 lbs. Individual Box Size: 15 in. x 10 in. x 10 in.
Product Length: 10.75 in. Product Width: 6.50 in.
Product Height: 9.0 in. Shaft Width: 0.625 in.
Shaft Length: 2 in. Country of Origin: China
Model #: 93048 Retail SKU: 93091
HP: 1 Voltage: Dual (115v / 230v)
Phase: 1 Amps: 15.6 (115v) / 7.8 (230v)
RPM: 1725 Hz: 60
Frame: 56c Service Factor: 1.15
SFA: 17.5 (115v) / 8.75 (230v) Type: C
AMB: 40°c Time: 15 MIN
Insulation: F Thermally Protected: None
UL: Recognized UL Stamp: C-UL-US
Electrical Type: Capcitor Start Rotation: Selective
Shaft Type: NEMA 56 Shaft Extension: 1.88 in.
Frame Length: 9.0 in. Mounting: Round
Drive End Bearing: Ball Opp Drive End Bearing: Ball
Frame Material: Stainless Steel Replacement Capacitor: 800 uF
Capacitor SKU #: BH02246 Keystock: Included
Keystock Length: 1 in. Keystock Width: 0.25 in.

Boat Lift Switch Specifications

Model #: CA0200034I-B96IQ6R Retail SKU #: BH09014
Weight: 1.25 lbs. Box Color: Light Grey
Housing Length: 4.5 in. Housing Width: 3.5 in.
Housing Height: 4.5 in. Handle Color: Red
Handle Length: 3.0 in. Handle Width: 1.1875 in.
Handle Height: 1.3125 in. Country of Origin: Italy
Amps: 20 VAC 600
Torque: Tight Certification: EN 60947-3
Certification: CE Certification: C-UL-US Listed

GFCI Wire Harness Specifications

Manufacturer: Southwire Company Plug Type: 3-US 110 V Standard
VAC: 125 Hz: 60
Amps: 15 Watts: 1875
Type: Rainproof Class A GFCI Type: In-line
Cable Type: 14/5 SJTW GFCI to Plug: 4.5 in.
Cord Diameter Range: 0.28 – 0.65 in. Country of Origin: Honduras
UL: Listed CSA: Certified
Reset Button: Yes Reset Type: Automatic
BH-USA SKU: 12211 Catalog #: 303385214

Top Beam Specifications

Length: 12 1/2 ft. Designation:: 2.834 wt./in. ft.
Width: 2 1/4 in. Beam Type: Channel
Height: 6 in. Lifting Capacity: 5,000 lbs. / beam
Material: Aluminum Material Type: 6061-T6

Drive Pipe Specifications

Length: 12 ft. 4 1/2 in. Finish: Hot-dipped galvanized
Diameter: 1.5 in. (ID) Type: Sch. 40

Aluminum Bearing Block Specifications

Length: 4 7/8 in. Material: Aluminum 
Width: 1 1/2 in.  Type: 6061-T6
Height: 5 3/4 in.  Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Bushing Type: Bronze Flange Bushing Flange Bore: 1 7/8 in,
Bearing Surface: 1 5/8 in. Maintenance: Grease-able
Mounting Hole Amount: 3 Grease Fitting Amount: 1
Mounting Hole Size: 9/26 in. Grease Fitting Size: 1/4 in.

Cable Specifications

Length: 33 ft. Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 5/16 in. Designation: Aircraft Cable
Min. Breaking Strength: 9,000 lbs. Type: 7 x 19
Cable Winder Amount: 2 Winder Type: Single Direction
Fits: 1.5 ID Drive Pipe Winder Style: Side Mount (Boat Lift Style)
Fastener Material: Stainless Steel Fastener Size: 1/2 in. & 5/16 in.

Cradle Bunk Specifications

Bunk Type: Cradle Bunk Material: Aluminum
Length: 14 ft. Material Style: 6061-T6 US
Width: 5 in. Padding Material: Rubber
Height: 8 in. Padding Style: Non-marking
Bunk Angle: 19º Padding Color: Black
8 in. Weight: 2.898 lbs. / linear ft. Configuration Hollow (Allows water to drain)

Cradle Beam Specifications

Material: Aluminum Type: 6061-T6 US
Style: Marine-grade extruded Beam Type: Structural
Web Size (A): 8 in. Flange Size (B): 5 in.
Web Thickness (C): .250 in. Flange Thickness: .410 in.
Beam Wt./Lin Ft.: 6.307 lbs. (per ft.) Accepts: 4 in. Aluminum Sheave
Sheave Housing Dimensions: 8 in. Web x 5 in. Flange Sheave Bolt Bore: 0.75 in. (3/4 in.)
Material: Aluminum Ships: Freight
Fasteners Material: 316 Stainless Steel Bolt Type: Hex Head
Bolt Amount: 4 Bolt Size: 0.5 in. x 2.5 in.
Washer Type: Lock Nut Type: Threaded
Washer Size: 1/2 in. Nut Size: 0.50 in.
Washer Amount: 4 Nut Amount: 0.50 in.

Guidepost Stanchion Kit Specifications

Size: 8 in. Dimensions: 24 in. L x 1 15/16 in.
Inner Diameter: 1 3/16 in. Material: Aluminum
Thickness: 3/8 in. Accepts: 2 in. ID PVC pipe
Backup Plate Dimensions: 14 in. L x 2 in. (per flange) Mounting Holes: 2 (through the pipe)
Hole Size: 9/16 in. Measurement Between Holes: 9 in. (center-to-center)
Bolt Type: Hex Head Bolt Material: Stainless steel
Bolt Size: 1/2 in. x 8 in. Washer Type: Lock
Washer Material: Stainless steel Washer Size: 1/2 in.
Nut Material: Stainless steel Nut Size: 1/2 in.

Guidepost Specifications

Material: PVC Rating: ASTM D 2665
Compound: PVC 1120 Type 1 Sch. 40 Width: 2 3/8 in. (2 in. ID)
PSI: @ 23° C Thickness: 0.1875 in. (3/16 in.)
Top Cap Modification: Drilled Length: Varies
Hole Size: 0.25 in. (1/4 in.) Color: White
Hole Reason: Drain Water Fits: BH-USA Guidepost Stanchions
Padding: 48 in. Color: Black
Each BH-USA boat lift is individually crated and shipped via motor freight. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to arrange for a delivery address that is accessible to the freight company and has a fork truck available for unloading. Customers will be required to unload crates by hand if fork trucks are not available. In order to facilitate the delivery, BH-USA will request a call from the freight company to the customer. Missed deliveries may incur extra freight charges that will be the buyers’ responsibility.

Product Overview

  • 9,000 lb. straight-line cable lifting capacity
  • Mounts to 4 pilings
  • 6061-T6 US aluminum top beams
  • Features maintained drum switches
  • Features 110v motors
  • In-line GFCI control cable
  • Complete lift ships freight in a crate