Cotter Pin

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Cotter Pin

The Cotter Pin secures the anchor shackle pins. A replacement part for the 3 in. 1.5-ton snatch block or the 4 in. 3-ton snatch block. Slides into the hole at the end of the straight anchor shackle pin. Open up the cotter pin to ensure it doesn’t slip out. Made of stainless steel. Measures 1 in. L x 1/8 in. W.

Shackle Pieces

  • Bow – the curved portion of the shackle body opposite the pin—often referred to as the bail, body, dee, or bowl
  • Ears – portion of the shackle body that supports the shackle pin
  • Pin – steel bolt made to span the two shackle ears
  • Shoulder – the part of the pin that makes contact against the ear when the pin is fully threaded or engaged
Product Overview

  • Stainless steel
  • 1 in. L x 1/8 in. W
  • Fits both 3 in. and 4 in. snatch blocks